Parent Participation and Volunteering

At Children's House Montessori School we encourage parent participation and volunteering.  By doing this you build a stronger relationship with your child as well as develop necessary skills in how to remain connected to your child as they navigate their school years.  We also love to learn from you!  If there is a special lesson you would like to share with the class please let us know!  We also seek our parents to assist with field trips and walks.  Volunteering in our school can include anything from helping make materials, gardening with children, baking, repairing materials, maintaining the building, overseeing lunch time or play time, helping during parties and much more.  We encourage you to seek out some time in your schedule to join your child at school. 

Scholastic Book Orders

Encouraging reading is one of the most important things we can do to help your child succeed. It can be tough finding the right books to keep them interested, which is why we are so excited that our school will be participating in Scholastic Reading Club. With Scholastic Reading Club:

  • Every book you buy earns FREE books for our classroom library
  • You can choose from handpicked, grade- and reading-level-specific books for your child
  • You'll find the best values on a variety of formats, including eBooks

To order online and begin earning FREE books for CHMS's classroom library:

  • Register at
  • Enter the Class Activation Code KD6NK
  • Choose from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  • Submit your order
  • Earn FREE books for our classroom too!

Small Hands

Small Hands is a fabulous company providing Montessori inspired toys, games and tools for families. Your child can have quality practical life materials at home, just as they have at school.  his company is also wonderful because if you give them our school's customer number when you order CHMS will earn points towards new materials for our classrooms. Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting our school.

  • Visit them online at
  • Enter the Class Activation Code 259968
  • Choose from thousands of Montessori inspired items
  • Submit your order
  • Earn FREE items for our classroom!