Our Goals

  • To create a learning environment where a child can learn functional independence as well as social awareness; caring for themselves and others.
  •  To support early childhood and elementary education and assist families during their child's transition into a daily school routine.
  • To support staff members by providing a quality facility, personal time and opportunities for education in the field of Montessori and early childhood education.
  • To maintain the building, classroom and grounds to ensure safety and beauty for all families and staff who attend Children's House Montessori of Lewiston.

Responsibilities of the School

  • To provide a safe, clean, happy educational environment meeting all of the licensing standards set forth by the state of Idaho, Nez Perce County and the city of Lewiston .
  • To provide the best quality resources and materials to the children meeting the Montessori standards of beauty and order.
  • To provide certified lead teachers and assistant teachers who guide with patience and consideration for the development of young children.

Responsibilities of the Parent and Families

  • To bring the child to school on time.
  • To fulfill financial and legal obligations to the school promptly.
  • To support both the school and the child by attending parent meetings and conferences, keeping informed on goals and policies of the school and by volunteering time and effort.
  • To ensure the continuation of the school for their own child by actively helping to build enrollment.

Responsibilities of the Child

To be free to embrace their child hood, treat themselves and each other with respect and kindness and to grow to their full potential.

Non discrimination Policy: Children's House Montessori School of Lewiston does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies.