Owner/ Administrator/

Upper Elementary Teacher

Megan Chavez Anderson

CHMS was founded by Ms. Megan in 2011. Ms. Megan began her teaching career during her years of volunteer work in the Portland school district. She obtained her Masters of Education, AMI Montessori Teaching Certification from Loyola College of Maryland and Montessori Northwest. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Idaho. Megan is grateful that her dream of providing a quality Montessori education to the children of the Lewiston and Clarkston Valley is a reality here at CHMS.

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Brower

Ms. Amanda is your link to important information at CHMS. She has been a part of CHMS from the very beginning, first as a parent in the very first classroom, and then as our Administrative Assistant. Ms. Amanda is vital in making sure that you have your current news, invoices and information. She holds Bachelor of Applied Science Business Management from LCSC as well as continuing education courses in child development and Montessori education. We are so grateful to have Ms. Amanda here at CHMS.

Primary Community

Natalie Anderson, Nicole Dufford, Karrie Schilling

Our team of Primary Community teachers are all dedicated, kind care givers for our youngest students. They ensure that their beautiful classrooms are safe learning environments filled with engaging Montessori works and familiar activities. Ms. Natalie is pursuing Montessori Toddler certification while our other teachers participate in continuing education opportunities and correspondence courses. Schedule your appointment to see our beautiful Primary Community Facility.

Lead Primary Teacher

Stephanie Brannan

Ms. Stephanie has been a part of the CHMS community from the very beginning when she enrolled her oldest child in the first Primary class in 2012. We are so fortunate that Ms. Stephanie chose to become a part of our teaching team in 2013. She has earned her Montessori Teaching Certification from North American Montessori Center. Her experience includes: Primary Teaching Assistant 2012 to 2013 and 2015 to 2016, Former Lead Toddler Teacher. Ms. Stephanie’s beautiful classroom is truly a place of joy and learning.

Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Delaney Ball 

Ms. Delaney’s kindergarten classroom is a place where stories come to life and lessons are colorful and engaging. Ms. Delaney became a part of the CHMS community first as a Primary teacher and then as our Kindergarten teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science Elementary Education as well as her Montessori Teaching Certification from North American Montessori Center. We know your child will enjoy learning with Ms. Delaney!

Lead Lower Elementary Co-Teachers

Gina Lott

Ms. Gina has been teaching for over 20 years and we are so fortunate to have her experience and expertise her at CHMS. Ms. Gina holds certification in secondary education, Spanish and is working towards her Montessori certification. Ms.Gina provides her students with beautiful, handmade materials, engaging lessons, empathy and care. Your child will develop literacy and math skills as well as build a love for learning.

Jennifer Wik

Ms. Jennifer first joined CHMS as a dedicated parent. How fortunate our school is that she decided to join our teaching team! Ms. Jennifer holds a Masters Degree in Biology, specializing in ornithology. Her love of science, literature, theater, music and geography ensure that her students enjoy being engaged in the world around them. She is currently pursuing her Montessori elementary teacher certification.

Classroom Assistants

Afton Bond, Harmony Johnson, Selah Chavez, Ari Feucht, Jeanette Gara-Betzold

Music Teacher

Amy Baker Stout

P.E. Teacher

Kyle Purcell