First Days of School and Separation Anxiety

Starting school is an exciting experience for children as well as parents.  Meeting new people and trying new things is a part of life, and school is often a child's first experience at being uncomfortable or asked to try new things.  We will provide each family with their own one-on-one visitation time before school starts.  The child and their parents will see their cubby, find out where the bathroom is, where and how to do we sit on the line for a group lesson, what does it mean to have a lesson? Where is snack and where is the playground?  At this time you will also be provided with information about snack and sharing, pick up and drop off.  Your child's first few weeks of school will be spent learning the school routine and how to be in our classroom environment.  All the children will have Grace and Courtesy lessons about how to move in the classroom, how to speak to our friends, how to wait our turn and many more.  Once everyone is settled the class will move in to more academic studies. 

Separation Anxiety is common and can occur for even the most confident children.  It is a natural reaction to change.  The young child, even one who has gone to a daycare prior, might not know how to express fear or anxiety with their words and so they might begin to cry, scream, stomp their feet or become very stubborn.  This can be traumatic for parents who might feel sad, guilty for leaving their child, frustrated or embarrassed at their behavior.  All of this is very normal.  The best action for a parent is to first prepare your child by talking about the new routine. Being on time, confident and happy when leaving your child also helps them to establish trust in the new environment.  This is the hardest part, but even if your child is crying or screaming or won't come into the classroom, please trust the teachers and director to assist and comfort your child.  We will call you as soon as they calm down, which is usually as soon as you go.  The longer you stay the harder it can become for you child to say goodbye.  You will be amazed at how much your child will change when they are able to trust that you will come back and that you trust the teachers as well as when your child bonds with the teachers.  The teachers will provide daily reports for you and work with your child as well as you if the anxiety remains or you have concerns.